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Consumers are always cost-conscious. They look for ways to save money whenever they want to pay for a service or buy a product. For instance, many consumers do their shopping during a sale, when prices are usually much lower. They also do window shopping to find the most affordable vendor of the products or services they need. Many people have also perfected their negotiating skills, which they use on a regular basis to save money when making a purchase. In a bid to get an edge over the competition, most businesses normally have special offers. For instance, they may offer a huge discount for a second purchase of the same product. For instance, an e-cig vendor may offer a 50% discount on a second purchase of the same product. This means that if a starter kit costs $60, and you make a purchase, you can buy the same kit for a friend at just $30. That said, special offers and promotions can help you save a lot of money when buying ecig products and accessories.

Vaporfi Coupon 2018

Aside from window shopping, negotiating prices, buying during sales and taking advantage of promotions and special offers, you can also use coupons to save on your purchase. For instance, a Vaporfi coupon 2018 can help you save a significant amount of money when purchasing vapes at your favorite ecig store, vaporfi. The coupon offers discounts ranging from 12-25% depending on your purchase. To ensure you enjoy the maximum discount of 25%, be sure to read the terms and conditions that come with the coupon before claiming it. When buying Vaporfi e-juice, you should consider buying 3 bottles as you will get one free with this coupon. Vaporfi coupon 2018 offers a 15% discount on all vape juices. The 25% discount is only applicable to starter kits and vape hardware.

Where to Get Vaporfi Coupon 2018

There are two places where you can get this coupon. The first is directly on the Vaporfi website. The second is third party websites that compile coupons offered by different ecig vendors. Whatever the case, it is important you learn how to pick the right coupon. In that regard, the following are key factors to consider when looking for a coupon:

i) Validity

The validity of a coupon is perhaps the most important factor to consider when looking to save big with coupons. As far as validity is concerned, there are two things you need to check. The first is the type of purchases the coupon can be used for. This is because some ecig coupons only apply to starter kits while others apply to all kinds of purchases at an ecig store. The second thing to check is the expiry date of the coupon. This is because coupons are usually valid for a fixed period of time. When it expires, ecig vendors normally release other coupons with different terms and conditions. Before choosing a coupon, therefore, be sure to check its validity.

ii) Discount Offered

There are two types of coupons. The first offers a percentage discount while the other offers a fixed discount, say $10 off any ecig product. Depending on the value of your purchase, you should do some simple math to identify a coupon code that will provide you with the biggest discount. For instance, if your cart is worth $100 and you have two coupons, one offering a 15% discount and the other offering a $10 discount, you should choose the former as it will save you $5 more. Similarly, if your cart is worth $50, the $10 coupon should be claimed as it will give you a bigger discount than the $15 coupon.

Before claiming a coupon, it is always recommended you do some window shopping to find the best product at the best price on the market. Once you have achieved this goal, any coupon would save you money. You need to be careful because some vendors normally hike the price, by say $5, then give you a coupon that will reduce the price by $4. This means that you will still pay more money than you would if you had made the purchase at a different ecig store. Therefore, you should always spend some time comparing prices before making a purchase.