Neah brings the power when First Responders need it most.

First responders need reliable and long-lasting communications, sensors, and other portable electronics devices. Police, fire, and other first responder personnel often operate in environments where power is unavailable for long periods of time. Their reliance on communications and related devices is absolute and often a matter of life or death.

First responder devices require a dependable, lightweight, compact power source to extend operational run-times. In addition, the electronic equipment and power sources need to be able to perform reliably under harsh operating conditions in the field.

Neah Power’s patented silicon-based fuel cell is expected to address these fundamental issues and provide a superior power source for diverse first responder applications.

Instant “Recharge” for continuous computing.

Importantly, first responders can benefit from the ability to continuously run their electronic equipment without the need to wait for recharging. Fuel cells can produce power as long as a fuel source is provided. When one fuel cartridge is exhausted, it can simply be replaced by another one to continue the power supply. Instead of carrying multiple batteries, first responders would only need to carry one fuel cell and several lightweight fuel cartridges for continuous power capability.

Fully Sealed System

Neah Power’s design can be configured as an open air system (for greater runtime capacity) or as a fully-sealed system (for predictable operation under a wide variety of field conditions). Both configurations capture the reaction by-products inside the fuel cartridge. The open-air system requires exposure to air for its oxygen source, while the fully-sealed system contains a liquid oxidant alongside methanol fuel in the cartridge.