Get More Value

Discount coupons & promo codes provide you an excellent opportunity to cut down on your shopping costs. You might have seen them in your local newspaper, especially in the weekend editions, as well as on online stores, but might not have used them. Shoppers do not believe their eyes when they find a certain online shop offering two pieces of specific products for the price of one. Obviously, one has to include a special code during the checkout process to avail of this discount. In certain cases, owners of stores offer a limited quantity of products at such discounts. By the time the buyer finds the code and tries to apply it, he finds that the offer is no longer active. Does this mean that you have to keep on visiting numerous stores regularly to find active discount coupons & promo codes?

Stop wasting your time
You should stop wasting your time hunting for such special coupons and search for online portals that specialize in offering coupons & promo codes. Most such sites also provide you with the opportunity to sign up for their newsletter. Doing so ensures that you receive the latest discount offers via email as soon as they are available. Search Google for `coupon codes’ and you will find thousands of sites offering them. is one of the examples you might stumble across after searching for that term. This website is one of the leaders in its niche and offers new discount codes on a regular basis. You will find coupons based on your preference. For example, you can choose from:
• Online codes
• Top coupon codes
• In store offers
• Product deals

If this is not enough, this site also provides you with the option to choose your favorite store and provide you with discount coupons offered by them. Do not be surprised if you find details of stores listed below by selecting this option.
• Sears
• Verizon
• Expedia
• Pet Smart

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as you will find many more stores listed in that category. You also have the option to receive weekly `Super Savers’ as well as coupons from the partners of this store by signing up with the site by inputting your email and password. You will require these details to log on to the store to avail discounts not available to those who have not signed up. Do not forget to tick the two options provided in the form, which allows you to subscribe to their newsletter. You need not worry about being inundated with many emails every day. Apart from this, you also have the opportunity to unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the `unsubscribe’ link, found at the bottom of each newsletter. Although you have the opportunity to receive awesome discount offers from this website, you should check other similar sites too.

Hunt for several sites
Instead of selecting the first site offering coupons & promo codes, visit a couple of other sites offering those codes, select the one that offers the best bargains, and sign up with them. The best way to detect a good site is checking the information they include with the discount codes. Good stores always remove expired discount offers from their site. They also display a timer that shows the number of days the offer shall be active. Apart from this, they also provide their members to click on a `thumbs up’ or `thumbs down’ icon. This is awesome as it also allows you to determine the quality of the offer. If the number of `thumbs down’ exceeds the number of `thumbs up,’ you can rest assured that that deal is not worthwhile. They also provide information about the date and time the deal was working.

How to use the coupons
Using the coupons & promo codes is extremely easy. Click on the code associated with the product you want to purchase. Copy the code and paste it on a notepad. Once you have purchased the product and are about to checkout, search for the phrase `have a coupon code, click here.’ Click on that link and paste the code you copied and then click on the `update’ button. You will immediately notice the discount reflected on the sum payable. Complete the purchase by paying the discounted amount through your credit card.